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Undercoating Rust Protection

Undercarriage Protection in Orillia, ON

Protect Your Undercarriage from Rust

Rust. It's a silent killer, reducing the useful life of your vehicle while lowering its resale value. Between rain, snow, and rock salt, rust is an unavoidable concern for anyone with a vehicle. That's why it pays to defend your car or truck before rust forms, and reduce the spread of rust if it's already present.

One part of your vehicle particularly vulnerable to corrosion is the undercarriage, due to its proximity to the road. It's recommended you check your undercarriage often, especially if you live near a waterfront or in an area where snow and low temperatures occur—like Orillia.

You might also consider an undercoating service for rust protection.

An undercoating service can prevent or treat rust on your car and maximize the life of your vehicle. At G & H Auto Service, we provide undercarriage undercoating services. We'll install a rust inhibitor that creates an air-tight seal to prevent the formation and spread of rust on your undercarriage. The rust inhibitor defends against ocean salt, lakes and rainstorms, road salt, snow, and freezing temperatures common in the northernmost environments of North America.

We serve Orillia, ON, Washago, ON, Coldwater, ON, and surrounding areas. 

Do I Need a Rust Treatment?

Modern vehicles have come a long way in rust combativeness but aren't impervious to it, especially if you drive near lakes and oceans or in snow prone climates where salt is used on roads. Your factory vehicle may come with protection that lasts for a few years before becoming less effective. An undercoating service, also known as a rust proofing service, ensures the protection continues. It protects the vulnerable and rust-prone parts of your vehicle, wherever your travels take you.

Talk with a member of our staff today about protecting your vehicle with an undercarriage undercoating service.

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